bullet_greenBuilding Your Image – Enhancing Your Reputation

     bullet_rightReputation management

Do you want to know how other entities: individuals, companies and institutions think of you? Regardless the lines of business or activities you are in,  it is vital that your entity manages your own image. At PROMINENT we have the know how (expertise and experience) to keep track of your actions, and how to always make you informed about other companies and people’s view on your actions. Having tracked these actions and opinions, then we can come up with feedback: critique and solutions based on sound report, involving interview and research analysis we gather during the tracking period.  PROMINENT helps you manage your image and maintain your prominent reputation.


bullet_greenOvercoming the Crisis

     bullet_rightCrisis management

In a country that is so dynamic like Indonesia, events also happen so dynamically. To be always ready for the unexpected, but predicted, will help you always stay on the top. As a partner in change PROMINENT helps you oversee and identify potentials vital to your company, and at the same time helps you deal with a major event disadvantageous to your company/organization, your stakeholders, or the general public. By doing so, we can help eliminate a threat to the company/organization, prepare you with the element of surprise, and finally reach short decision time to come up with a change.


bullet_greenCreating Your Support and Networking

Be it that your company new or old, small, medium scale or a big corporation, you definitely need sound public relation. But, public relation is more than just a matter of maintaining a communication with the public. In order to fully maximize the potential of your company you need external available support. PROMINENT helps you build potential relations with your perspective or current partners in the government or supportive NGO’s and/or other institutions. In order to move forward, it is essential that your company tap into all support and networking available as your image and reputation are built based on the opinions of public. Positive image, endorsed by your partners: credible government, trusted community based organizations and public figures as well as strong investors can accelerate what you want to convey to the public. PROMINENT links you up with your potential support and network.


bullet_greenBridging you with the Community

bullet_rightCommunity development support and Corporate Responsibility

Community development in the Corporate Responsibility (CR) is the latest trend in the world of business. To give back to the society and to create sustainable impact to the environment, a corporation’s Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to positively impact to the communities and their environment. PROMINENT helps you identify your target community’s need based on their social, cultural and environmental background. PROMINENT helpsyou to contribute to the society and environment.


bullet_greenSynergizing you with the Media

Your company need to build a two way communication with, as well as multiple exposures to your customers: your own consumers, the public, other corporations, the government, other institutions and so fort. In order to do so you need to build a network with mass media. However, if you rely on your own internal resources, it is likely that you will be overwhelmed with mountains of things to do. Why not let us at PROMINENT synergize your public relations. We help you create media syndication. With our long history of media relation and partnership we can assist you build media synergy so that you can concentrate on your business.


bullet_greenRaising Awareness About Who You are

       bullet_rightPublicity program

Raise awareness among your clienteles about the essence of what your company is all about.  Through Publicity Programs, including media relations such as pres release, press conference, company profiles, media tour, interviews, write-ups as well as advertisement. You need Prominent to expose yourself.

bullet_rightAd Sales & Publishing

A company that already had a data base of clients is an asset that can generate income. Ad Sales & Publishing experiences in producing magazines for clients or business partners, and sells advertising for the magazine’s revenue.


bullet_greenCreating a Data Centre for You

In a fast growing company, you need to touch base with important day to day event and with the news that will affect your company. You need comprehensive data centre. PROMINENT can help you create a process of identifying and choosing important news regarding your corporation in a form of a 1 two 2 page Daily Executive Summary.  Supported with Public Opinion Mapping, your data is then compiled and processed further to create Weekly Media Analysis containing overall analysis regarding the development of variety issues related to your industry.


 bullet,greenBoosting Your Image to the Next Level

      bullet_rightPromotion & Production

Create your promotional strategy. Build your confidence by way of exposing your customers to your strength. PROMINENT can come up withcomprehensiveand integratedstrategic promotion, produce promotional events, including sport promotion, marketing & sales promotion, as well as  social promotion to link you up with your target public, market and clienteles. Boost the image your company. PROMINENT boosts your company’s image to the next level.